Happy New Now!

Three weeks into the new year – the promise of New meets moderate to heavy Overwhelm. Gather, gather, gather – been collecting, processing Intel, to make sense of recent Missions. But the New gets lost amid the harvest, and if there is no action, more Overwhelm. Was it just the turn of a page, a smartphone screen swipe or is it really a new beginning? So we’ll have to sneak up and call it the New Now, try to figure out how to break some old patterns of familiarity of not feeling safe. Time to install a new thermostat, for where we have settled into comfortable is not comfortable, just familiar and predictably unpredictable. Life as a Secret Agent, entails a lot of watching, analyzing so now it’s time to find a new set point. Pull up the CoCo Courage to create one that is comfortable Now – and New.

How’s your Mission progressing?

Happy New Year!

I usually do not make resolutions for I live by the credo of what you say equals what you do (WYS=WYD) but writing this blog has certainly not been happening. Therefore, I resolve to post at least once per week a new entry.

In 2012, I entered a new arena of Western medicine and healthcare. Not even with my Secret Agent/Super Hero could I infiltrate, get ahead of or behind this complicated system. By the time you know what you need to know, it is too late. The stress on friends and the vulnerability of it all is very overwhelming but, true to our Secret Agent Mission of navigating life in Truth & Style, we search for the meaning, knowing there has to be a purpose. We now will share Secret Agent info, not so much medically, but the courage to see the repetition of life-long lessons and how to advocate for ourselves and others who cannot.

Eyes Wide Open

While on a trip years ago to Dominican Republic, I took White Ladder CD by David Gray. My dog had recently sired a litter of pups which I photographed the births. There is a song with lyrics, “We’re born with our eyes wide open, so alive with wild hoping…” and I started thinking puppies, kitties eyes’ are closed for weeks so they enter with a controlled amount of sensory information whereas we are slapped into the world of air vs water we were in, sound, sight, touch – bam – overwhelm! No wonder we sometimes hide, until older and wiser, we open our eyes again …

It’s Surreptitiously Working!

Well, from the beginning mission of CoCo Cheznaynay to have us be all of who we are, face our fears and live a courageous life, our vector changed planes to one under the sea. While I thought I would use Coco to teach others to face their fear, I came face to mask with my own fear I never knew I had… It happened while I was taking scuba lessons. I faced my fear, went on eight trips, saw that folks needed to contain their hair and be identified and this grew into a patented ScubaDoRag and all kinds of Made in America, what we call Super Hero and Secret Agent gear.

So I thought we were off but it’s surreptitiously working! Our ScubaDoRags, new FashGuard Shoodn’t shirts and Super Sleeves and Super Legs make people smile and and become more bold as they try something new – Success!

A Mission So Secret

Long time – I’ve been on a mission so secret even I do not know the far-reaching purpose. All that worked in the past now eludes me and my compass seems no longer calibrated to this current position I hold. A scramble of base knowledge leaves me with more knowledge and understanding but more questions for how to proceed… the journey through the birth canal is tumultuous and not navigated by a romantic gondolier singing O Sole Mia and not as picturesque as Grand Canal on the Fondamenta Labia.

Where are we, CoCo and how to find the way?